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I'm a 14 year old girl and I have puffy nipples.Women's help, and guys help?
Question to the Women: I am a small C cup. I heard somewhere that young girls with puffy nipples grow up to have regular*firm,taught* nipples. Is that true?

Question to men: Do you guys like puffy nipples? NO RUDE ANSWERS!
Puffy nipples are a sign of a young developing girl. You sound completely normal.

Even in adult females, the nipples are responsive to stimulation or changes in temperature, so that even they experience puffy nipples from time to time.
I have puffy nipples when will they go away and i had them since i was 12 or 13 now i am 14?
i went to the doctor and he siad that give it four to six months more and did any one else have this when they were young or right now. did it go away. will my puffy nipples go away
Mine were like that for a couple yrs too. Nothing to worry about- your just maturing.
How can i get rid of puffy nipples? (girls)?
ok im only ten (dont say im too young to be on here because i really have important questions!!) and i have a bit big boobs (well not even a b-cup but all other girls in my class are flat) and then these horrible puffy nippples!! how can i get rid of them because i dont wear bra and they show from under a tight shirt? and im so embarrassed about them!!!
a bra is the only way

buddy, your a b cup and you don't wear a bra??
I'm 15 and an A cup (obviously i wear a bra)
How to get rid of puffy nipples!?? MALE!!!! Please help!!! =(?
I've had this problem since I was young, 14 years old or something, now I'm 18, turning 19 in November, why is it that I have puffy nipples? I'm 6ft 3 and weigh around 188 pounds (if that matters) and btw i'm a MALE...

Please help!!! I heard I needed surgery but I can't have surgery now since I'm gonna study abroad =/

Lift will tighten the chest up and draw your nipples in. It worked for me. If that don't work, carry around a bottle of ice water and sprinkle some on your nipples from time to time lol..j/k
12 years old and huge puffy nipples!?
okay so, I am 12 years old (I don't want to hear about how I'm too young to be on this website) and I have huge puffy nipples. I'm not very overweight. I'm 5' 5" and 130 lbs. I have some extra pounds but nothing bad. And I have huge nipples. It's embarrassing. How can I get rid of them? And I don't want to hear about how they;ll go away in 2 years because I want them gone now, not in 2 years. Also what causes them? I noticed them about 3 months after I started masturbating regularly. Did this cause it? Thanks!
This is normal in gyus starting puberty. you can wait it out, but another thing is to work out your pectorals. Meaning, pushups. Also, weightloss wouldnt hurt if you need it
Puffy nipples help please?
I'm a 21 year-old female with puffy nipples. My breast are a 32b. Why do I have puffy nipples? I've had them since 12 or so. They've always bothered me. Is it because when I was younger I'd tug on my nipples? That was when I was developing. Does anyone else have puffy nipples? Thanks!!!
I like this question...

although I do not have puffy nipples, I enjoy the thought.

Anyways, they have bra's with alittle bit of padding in them to help cover em up. If not I heard of girls using tape =/

I dunno, enjoy what you do have, it could be worse. Besides, it caught my interest. lol
Puffy nipples help?
I'm a 21 year-old female with puffy nipples. My breast are a 32b. Why do I have puffy nipples? I've had them since 12 or so. They've always bothered me. Is it because when I was younger I'd tug on my nipples? That was when I was developing. Does anyone else have puffy nipples? Thanks!!!
the size, color and shape of your nipples come down to your genes, so chances are your mother or some one in your family has the same characteristics..i also have quite deep set long nipples, they were fantastic to breastfeed my daughter with last year, and my husband finds them terribly sexy.. you should be glad they are not inverted!
Guys please help! Male w/ puffy nipples, do these ever go away?
Hey guys, i'm 17 years old and have had puffy nipples for a while, maybe a couple years and I have never really cared about them until now and was just wondering if they ever go away? If you're a guy that had these when younger please do answer what age they went away and stuff, cheers. Oh and by the way I am not overweight
Sometimes during puberty a guys nipples will swell, it could be that. I wouldn't worry to much about it unless it is causing you pain. If it hurts you should see a doctor.

But if not, don't worry its a part of growing up!
Can push ups tighten the skin around your chest (Gynecomastia/puffy nipples)?
hey im 15 :) so, can push ups tighten the skin around the chest? The reason i am asking is because i have a slight hormonal imbalance and this causes my nipples to be slightly larger, and well.. point out lots more than the usually nipples.. heres a video about just how i feel and what exactly it is, and by the way, im not fat or anything im the fit young lad its just my chest which looks exmtremely embarrising.. anyway the video :)…

at -0:30 on the video you can that it looks like that guy is a bit pudgy, but infacts its just Gynecomastia, so if i was do push ups, it would increase my upper chest musles, though would it lift those nipples up?
note: Gynecomastia produces fatty tissues round the chest, i dont have that much around my chest( as much as that guy on the video), but i just have puffed out nipples which make my "pecs" look like man boobs. But when ever i tug upwards at the skin on my chest i can see a nice healthy chest , that where the idea of tightening my skin around the chest came from:D so, will push ups lift those nipples?!? tighten my chest? and give me back my confidence to take my shirt off?

thank you :)
at least yur nipps stick out, mine go in lol.
Im 16 and wondering if my nipples will change and perhaps the size of my breast as i get older?
I dont like my nipples i think they r called puffy nipples and Ive seen my lil cousin and other cousins nipples and they look about the same but they are much younger than me. Perhaps they will change as i get older? As well as my breast size
Your breasts develop in stages. At first you may notice what feel like little "buds," or swellings, under your nipples. After that your breasts will gradually get bigger and fuller, and may become a little sore. One breast may grow more than the other at first, but they'll even out later. Full breast development takes two to three years.

Your breasts usually continue to grow for about four years after your first period. But what we mean medically by breast “growth” can be very subtle. Breast tissue develops through five “stages” during puberty. Stage 1 is the flat, guyhood chest. Stage 2 is breast “budding”, when the nipples swell and become tender. In Stage 3, breast tissue enlarges from gland and fat development. Young teens usually start their first period about this time. During Stage 4, the breasts may change only in shape rather than size, and the nipples protrude. Then in Stage 5, breast growth is completed. By age 17 or 18 you’ll know your final breast size.

The age at which breasts stop growing is all dependent on the individual, her family and her hereditary. Girls will typically find that their breasts and their hight will stop growing around the ages of 17 or 18, though some experts believe that a woman's breasts will reach their final size once they've had a guy. But since not all women decide to have guyren, the average age that a woman will experience a stop in growth is in her late teens.

Honestly, there is nothing you can do to make your breasts grow bigger or faster than nature intends. Don’t be misled by advertisements for special creams or “natural” herbs or supplements. If you read the fine print, you’ll see “results vary with individuals” or “works until full maturity is reached” – meaning they won’t do anything more than your own genetics have already pre-determined.

But, Medically it is safe to do breast augmentation once your breasts have finished growing. Most plastic surgeons recommend you wait until legal age of consent (age 18 to 21depending on state laws)

But every girl and the family she belong to is different.

Hope That i answer your Question

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