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Does a teeny-weeny, itsy-bitsy part of you miss the thumbs down for the question?
I hardly ever gave them, but some questions need them.
Nope!,but I think yahoo should have a moon soo if you don't like their question you can moon them!
I have three teeny blister-like bumps on my left thumb I've put it in ice water, nothing; what should i do?
They came two days ago(5/13/2010) today being (5/16/2010) when I was in a 6.2 mile marathon on a hot day, so i have no idea if they're just heat bumps. Though I remember having the same thing about 5 or 6 years ago, please tell me if it sounds like something I have(like a condition) or what?
They might be warts.
How many people think that the thumbs up/ thumbs down system on this site is unfair and pointless?
I see some pretty good responses getting thumbs down, and some rediculous ones getting thumbs up... What is the point of this system? It seems as though there are a bunch of teeny boppers playing around with these ratings and they don't know what they are doing. Am I the only one that feels this way?
well people who answer a question usually put a thunbs down for all the other ones so it looks like theirs is the best and when the question person doesnt pick a best answer then the person who put a thumbs down for the other people wins

some answers to this question already got thunbs down
This sucks!! plz help 10 pts to most helpful answer! all others shall get thumbs up!!!?
ohkay weell
i gotta teeny tiny prob F*ck that its a huge prob
okay so like my ex wrks at my fave restraunt ya know??
and like i want to go eat th best hamburger ever!! but he works there and idk what to do!!
what should i do HELP!!
just go eat the best hamburger ever, and don't talk to him. shoot, bring some new guy with you to make him jealous while you both eat the best hamburgers ever.
Whenever my nails grows longer, the skin under it spilts a teeny bit....?
and then whenever i pull the skin (cuz it is SOOO irritating to see it there but not to pick at it) the white part (you know, the tip where it shows how much the nail growed) increases a lot, so my left thumb and my right thumb looks SOOO different!
is there any way to cure it??
Rather than pulling at it try moisturizing to make it less noticeable.
What do you know about calla lilies?
I'm getting married next summer and I know I want boquets of calla lilies. I'm no green thumb - could I grow enough on my own (not many - it's a very small bridal party and I don't need many for decorations)? I live in Arkansas - is the climate right?

Anyone know enough about this to give me some tips on growing them and arranging them myself? Keep in mind that I would LOVE to buy them from a florist, but the budget is teeny tiny. Thanks!
Calla lilies (white variety) are hardy & easy to grow. They should get direct sunlight no more than have a half day. However they need to be established before you can depend on them for flowers. I would not count on then for any flowers untill after their second year.

Best Wishes!
How are track spikes supposed to fit?
Basically that. and...
Last year, I bought a pair offline I did the one thumb's width thing and they are just a teeny tiny bit big but nothing I thought I should worry about. Well, I'm a college freshman, so new coach. She says they are way too big and hates them. So, does the thumb thing not apply to track spikes? and what about training shoes?
oh, and I run the 400, 400H, 200, and 100H if that makes a difference.
they are literally supposed to fit like a glove with little toe room so you can use the spikes full potential. and no the thumb rule does not really apply to track spikes but for training shoes way less than a thumb, probably about half and inch.
Our purbread yellow lab has a sore on the inside of her right leg What is it? See details.?
We noticed it a couple of weeks ago, but didn't think much of it, until it looks like it's getting bigger. It is red a little bit of blood (like a teeny tiny drop) The whole sore is about the size of a adult thumb print, and doesn't have much hair on or around it.There is also a little bump too. She is also licking it a lot. Any idea's of what it is? Please let me know what you think.
what ever it is just put some hydrogen peroxcide and wrap it in gauze for a couple days dont let her lick it anymore my guess is it will be fine then.

dont waste your money on vet until then it prob nothing
How much does goldfish FOOD cost?
I just got a teeny feeder goldfish (the size of half a thumb that's REALLY skinny) and I was just wondering...generally, how much is goldfish FOOD?
If you plan on feeding it only one type of food, the fish will die of malnutrition. You need to feed it a balanced diet like normal fish pellets or flakes, vegetables, earthworms, bloodworms, brine shrimp, spirulina, etc. In all it should cost less than $20.
Any girls out there been with a man with a teeny weeny?
i was in shock last night when i saw my boyfriends ??? were engaged to be married and michael wanted us to remain chased until the wedding night. after dinner i started kissing him and rubbing on his crotch,then i put his hands on my breasts. he got really excited and stripping off my clothes,then i pulled down his pants and under wear, but i couldn't believe my eyes !!! he was fully erect but he was as small as my index finger, no guyding !!! i would say 2 and a half inches and as slim as my thumb ! i was instantly turned off. im having second thoughts about him, has anyone been here before ???

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