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How to get fuller plumper lips?
like the girl in this picture:…

i know its a weird picture but its the only one i could find. im not looking for like angelina jolie lps but just brighter, lighter, and more plump. any products i could try or any home made ways/ advice?
thanks :)
Get a tomato, chop of the top bit and hold it from the steam bit, then dip it in sugar and rub it on your lips... this will exfoliate them causing them to look bigger fuller and generally softer :)

or use this -… its a lip gloss called sexy mother pucker by soap and glory and it leaves your lips feeling and looking amazing!!

Hope i helped :)
I need artist / gallery info for this piece. Have you seen it / know who it is by?
I am doing a project, and using a piece of photography from, by a user who does not remember the artist, gallery, where/when they saw it, etc. It is posted on the web at

It is a classical-style oil painting, perhaps Victorian / post-Renaissance era, which is very sensual & debaucherous, features a dog staring at the food upon a nearby table, whose head is place on the thigh of a naked man - whose nudey-parts are so delicately hidden from sight by a purple cloth draped squarely over his junk - who is seated at the table with food, and has a plump, feminine hand leaning over his torso, with a bracelet around the wrist. It is extremely sensual and 'naughty' looking for the period it was in.

If you know of it, who it is by, and perhaps what gallery it might now occupy, please let me know ASAP. It is Jan. 15 today and I need to get this project together in full by midnight Sunday, Jan. 18, 2009. Must have the name and artist by end of class, three weeks from now (Feb. 8) for final project.

Please and thank you!
Hi! Your painting is at the Baltimore Museum
of Art. Sorry, I don't know the artist or title (and
their website is not user-friendly) but here is the
image..... just contact them:…
I hope this helps..... and good luck!
Guys:Which body type do you like best on a girl? (pics)?
I like the curvy/average one
Adriana Lima gets lip injections? Pictures included?
So I was searching for lip injections (I want mine to look like Adriana Lima's lips.) I always thought the beautiful angel was perfect and all natural. But it looks like she gets lip injections. Take a look at the pics, her lips are so thin.

Looks like her lip injections wore off? I know they only last a few months.……

Here is her plump lips.……
Sexayy;) But you know with her plump lips they add all that make-up and probably additional plumper for those photo shoots, but you can totally see the difference between the pics. Go for it girly. Looks nice and natural.

Should I get this haircut?…

I have light brown hair and I do sort of a Abercrombie/Skater style. My face is a little plump but I'm not fat/ Would this haircut look okay or do I have to have a skinny face to get it?
honestly i think u should just try it
u never know till u try it :)
best of luck
xoxox :)
Will chemical facial peels make my skin thinner?
I mean, I'd love to have rosy, new skin, but if that means taking away the elasticity and thickness I think I will have to pass on buying this product:…

I want plump, thick skin like some Asian women have.…

I have freckles and red scars I am trying to remove.
I use an at home chemical peel for adult acne and it has helped clear my skin. Were you doing an at-home system or going to a dermatologist or a spa? As far as thinning your skin, I am fairly certain this will not happen. Your skin is always exfoliating itself and turning over new layers. Chemical peels only work on the uppermost layer that you shed. Think about it- if it went INTO the layers of skin, you would bleed and lose your epidermis! Chem. peels just induce faster skin turn over, and your skin is the largest organ that your body has- it is living tissue. The faster the chem peel helps you turn over new skin cells, the faster your skin will just make more- providing that it's healthy. Consult a dermatologist if you're unclear on any chemical peel questions, as I am not a doctor. I have worked with chem. peels at a cosmetic counter though. (Lancome.)
What type of dog would suit my character?
Hey so im writing/illustrating a story of the Ugly duckling for an art project...
In my tale the Ugly duckling is very beautiful...but plain... she has a striking face but a gangly rather curve-less body... she has the nicest spirit though... she has very short black hair (like Audrey Hepburn) she is just very plain... her father hates her... her mother who loved her passed away when she was young... she has a twin sister who is very obviouslu gorgeous... she has thick curly blonde hair down to her waist... big blue eyes plump lips, a skinny figure with big curves...
the Prince is coming to town and the father is setting his blonde daughter up on a date with him (Keep in mind both girls are already princesses due to there father being the king)
The princess has a passion for animals... her mother bought both girls Andalusian ponies when they were young heres a pic…

While the brunette LOVES her horse and treats like a best friend
the Blonde barely even touches her horse... so the Brunette takes care of himm

SO in total the ugly duckling has 2 horses a turtle (Which is very cute lovable character :P) but now Im thinking she needs a dog to balance it out... she rescues him in the market (She goes in disguise) to Meet up with her best friend (A plain stable boy with a beautiful personality) when she runs into this dog... I want the dog to be bigger... shes not the type to have a small dog... Im thinking a GSD or a golden lab/retriever... or maybe even a great dane :P... so something big... at least up to her knees :P

Her sister has a cat... which turns out to be evil :P

The end of the story is that the prince falls madly inlove with her but at her wedding the best friend comes and they run away together... :P its kinda cheesy

its supposed to be a disney type thing... only 4 people were chosen...
Little red riding hood, the swan princess, Ugly duckling and Hanzel and gretel... I think I got the best one :) romantic stories are my life :) :P

SO thankyou for answering... andf reading all this :)… they are so loveable and quite big in size my cousin has one i am 5' 9" and it comes up to my mid thigh! they are playful and beautiful dogs! Good luck!
Am i pretty???
I think that i am really ugly, i dont have a photo so ill give u a description with links of similar features. I have wavy medium lenght frizzy hair. Brown eyes plus long lashes. Fairly thick eyebrows, no unibrow. Small nose. Normal lips, slightly plump bottom lip. i have olive skin, with little spots on my forehead, hard to see. Thats it for description here are the inks:
HAIR COLOR +TYPE: (dark brown but same texture!!!)

butt ugly...
If Josie were to win IDA and be Nancy who do you think would make a good Fagin to play opposite her?
I'd plump for Ken Bates - and Dennis wise could be his Artful Dodger -…

They certainly know how to pick a pocket or two!
They would get a good reception at the City Varieties Theatre,Leeds (where "The Good Old Days" used to be broadcast from) -…
I think Ken Stott would make a good Fagin, would love to see him in that role.
Dylan vs. Cole Sprouse?
I hated those two (well mainly the 'plump' one who never shut his mouth) all throughout the first 2 seasons of suite life of zack and cody, but one day i watched the suite life on deck for a reason I rather not say and what? they might actually be classified as....HOT? WHOA! look at them.they look sorta brunett-ish. And it doesn't look like they died their hair, but, hey, what do I know? look: zack (first fat now buff?)…
and dylan first nerdy blond now tall brunett?…
THEM TOGETHER (they don't look ANYTHING like their old selves):…
Yup they look really hot now. And their voices are completely different too.
Here's a few more pictures and videos:…………………

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