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Looking for a site where my wife and I can view and upload exhibitionist video free without credit card?
Not looking for a porn site, more of a place for exhibitionists for my wife and I to grab some Ideas from regular couples.....not porn stars. Looking for something that doesn't require a credit card.
You should try youporn.com
My wife loves to show cleavage & bend over in front of men so they can get a peak. Do any of you wives do this?
I guess she is an exhibitionist. Who knows?

Be honest, do any of you wives do this?
If i had boobs or cleavage I would...and he wouldn't mind
I think my wife is an exhibitionist. How can I help her overcome this habit?
She is always trying to get me to look at her naked body around bedtime. I find this unacceptable behavior for a true lady.
She's probably just trying to get laid. If it's around bedtime she probably wants to mess around.
My wife wants to be an exhibitionist?
My wife has a desire to be an exhibitionist and wants to go out of town for some days and flaunt her assets. To which I agreed but now she says she wants to flash her privates by wearing short skirts etc….How do I or should I stop it?
Do you get off on other men eyeing your wife? Be a man and just say what you want, don't look for confirmation here.
What do you do with a busty exhibitionist wife ???????????????
I just like to dress sexy and the looks I get
my husband sometimes gets upset I have very large breasts 40DD
I never or would cheat on my husband
I show cleavage but with 40DD Breasts what do u expect
what do u think ????????????????????
What do you do with a busty exhibitionist 38DDD wife ???????????
I just like to dress sexy and the looks I get
my husband sometimes gets upset I have very large breasts 38DDD
I never or would cheat on my husband
I show cleavage but with 38DDD Breasts what do u expect
i have been offered to pose topless on web sites the money is good
what do u think ????????????????????
this question is useless without a link to many large pictures
Will wife act on exhibitionist acts?
My wife of a few years is an exhibitionist. At shopping malls, parties, restaurants, and in front of my friends (not in front of hers) my wife goes without panties and gives others a show. She often fantasizes while we make love that we get caught and is forced to make love to another man...So, what's with this new fantasy of hers? We're trying to have our first baby, but I question if she really loves me. Is this just a fantasy she'll move out of?
Fun girl you have there enjoy...keep an eye on her but have fun.
Me and my wife like to go out of town and become exhibitionist any ideas of what to do?
We love to play truth or dare We go to bars and she wears very revealing outfits to tease me We go shopping late at night the same way. We go skinny dipping and even had sex on our hotel balcony. Any other ideals for us?
I have lots of great ideas. With the warmer summer months coming up, you'll have lots of opportunities to exercise your exhibitionist tendencies. Instead of skinny dipping in your backyard pool, go do some late night skinny dipping in some nearby apartments. If you feel daring enough, you can even leave the pool area and go for a naked stroll through the apartments.

One time me and my bf stopped at an all night burger place on the way home from a club, and he dared me to walk out of the bathroom naked. The place had a door you had to go through to a little hallway where the restrooms were. I went in the bathroom and took off everything except my shoes and handed my clothes to my bf. He went out and got in the car. I waited about a minute and a half then walked out, right through the dining room full of people, and got in the car. It was pretty exciting.

Small business parks are also great places to go late at night. The risk of being caught is pretty low. You can strip off and walk around, spread a blanket and have sex in the middle of the parking lot. Unless they have a security guard driving around, the chances of anyone actually seeing you is relatively small, but you still get the thrill of being exposed.

Car lots are good places to go late at night also. Walk around naked in a brightly lit parking lot right off the highway, and nobody can see you because the cars are blocking the view.

On weekends, drive around looking at houses for sale. You can usually find one or two vacant homes that have a door or window unlocked, allowing you inside. Me and my bf found a house like that once, and we spent over an hour running around the house naked, having sex in all the different rooms.
What do you do with a busty exhibitionist wife ???????????????????
I just like to dress sexy and the looks I get
my husband sometimes gets upset I have very large breasts 40DD
I never or would cheat on my husband
what do u think ????????????????????
You're a guy named rachel????

I show mine all the time and i care not if any of my men don't like it!
What's a good tagline for a movie about sex, secrets, and a woman who is an exhibitionist and hiding it?
She's a wife and a mother, struggling to reconcile her role in society with her deep-seated desire to be an exhibitionist. I would love to use words like secrets, exposed, something along those lines, I'm just having a hard time being creative.

Oh and for extra bonus points (well not points, but love) if you could put a word in it that starts with an "R" that would be super helpful... weird I know, it goes with the cover design, don't ask...
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