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Do chubby cheeks go away after you lose weight?
Im not in bad shape right now but would they go away once you diet/workout hardcore and get ripped?
Yes they will.... I know mine did when i first lost weight...
I need a new hardcore sort of hairstyle to suit my face shape...?
I want a hardcore sort of edgy style. I don't want to label but a sort of emo/scene style. I have a chubby round face with pale skin and longish dark blonde hair (Sort of strawberry or honey blonde). Also what colour would be best for me to die it? or should I just leave it?

Btw I don't want to go any shorter than shoulder length and I want a fringe whether it be side or staight along.
This might help…
Am i to chubby for my band?
i am in a post hardcore band, and as you would have probably noticed most bassists in these types of bands are really thin. i am not fat i am just a little chubby and i want to know how can i look thinner compared to my band counterparts?
Who says that you have to fit a certain mold to be a basist? Who the eff cares? Be you. Lose weight for health, not to fit in.
How do I lose weight around my face?
is just regular running enough to slim down my chubby face.
I've never been heavy but lately i've noticed a hardcore double chin that I want rid of. I don't mind my body but maybe a little off the tummy would be nice ... any excersise tips?
keep running, first place you lose weight is you face
Hydroxycut hardcore + workout?
I'm plan on getting hydroxycut hardcore and work out about 4 days a week for about 2-hours. I'm a little bit under chubby and has a six pack but very hard to see. About how long until result
Shouldn't take too long.
I'm very athletic but i'm getting chubby?
I'm 15 and a swimmer and we have hardcore training everyday and at night. After practice I'm so hungry and eat until my stomachs full. I do this whenever I get hungry and eat until I feel sick. I'm starting to gain weight in my thighs espically and my butt and I was wondering if there's anyway to stop it
Probably should stop over eating at night.
Thats one of the worst things u can do because you eat and most people are not usually active before bed so they go to sleep and all those fat calories will sit their.. && of course your body will show for them because they are not getting burned off.

Attempt to eat small healthy snacks or meals during the day to where your not full just satisfied for a while.. I you eat small amounts often it usually supresess any crazy urge to stuff your face in one sitting later in the evening..

I'm sure doing this and your hardcore swim practices will get you back to a lean figure in no time.

How do I tell my girlfriend she is getting chubby? part 2?
So I asked this before but the strategy suggested backfired hardcore. I was supposed to say "Im getting kinda of chubby" and then she was supposed to reply by saying "Yeah me to" and then we head to the gym or eat healthier and everything works great. But when I did as told she just said "Why would you say that? Are you serious or trying to be funny?" I said I was serious but she just gazed at me with an angry smirk. Then she said "Why do you crave attention so much, BE A MAN!" Then I went to plan b and asked her if she was pregnant because that was another suggestion. BUT THAT CAUSED TOTAL CHAOS! So no she is not pregnant she has just ceased to workout over the past year! The first year of dating was great she made a great effort to maintain her physique but the second year she just stopped. She started gaining at a rapid pace and in a little over a years time she appears to have gained around 40 pounds! I just want her to be healthy and this gain cant be good for her body.
well first off never ask a girl if she is pregnant. its an insult. Girls might know that they are gaining weight but dont want to hear it.

Ask her to go on a nice walk with you. She shouldn't question it being excercise. Or you could also say that you are getting a gym membership because you want to get healthy and ask her if she would like to join you or get a membership with you.

i wish you the best of luck. [:
Can I score a chubby chick at a lesbian bar?
Hey everyone! I am a lesbian who has recently turned 21. I like chubby, full-figured girls, anywhere from a range of about normal height 160 to 300 about. I myself am 5'5 and 185lbs. I am going to girlbar tonight and I was wondering if you think I have a good chance of meeting some girls that fit that description. I know that chubby chicks are a minority, but do you think there's a possibility that I will get there and everyone is rail-thin? I would even settle for that but even if that possibility does that occur do you think they will only look at other rail-thin women? I'm not gorgeous but I definitely think I would be classified as ok looking. In other words, how high do you think the chance is I might go to a lesbian bar and come back totally empty-handed, in other words, no girl wants to dance or buy me a drink or give me a number etc. Here are some pics of me I'm not so much fishing for compliments (haha or am I?) it's just that I just got out of a really abusive 2 year relationship so my confidence levels aren't really soaring right now, and I'm scared of going to this club and like being hardcore rejected all night. Thanks so much.
Yeah. You have girls of all sizes at Girlbar or Here (or any gay/lesbian club in the world). As far as your looks go, you look fine. Most women in the US are normal sized in real life (not counting what we see on TV, at the bars, or in movies, especially out in LA area), & the average size for American women is size 10-14.

As far as going to a bar & coming home empry-handed? It depends on the vibe you're sending out, the vibe at the club, how much fun you're having, & how you feel about yourself. Seriously, some of my best nights clubbing (with the kisses & numbers to prove it) was when I wasn't looking for anyone & having fun with my friends. Women are attracted to happy people having fun. So have fun & let them come to you.

Good luck. If no luck tonight, keep on trying. Also, I'd highly recommend going to sporting events & other social venues. Women are out there. Don't be desperate or hurry anything. Good things come to those to wait.
Started using RapidCuts Hardcore (a fatburner) Help! ?
Hey, I'm a 20 year old chubby guy from Toronto.

I started the gym 3 weeks ago and notice some fat loss and I haven't been losing weight which is good cause the fat I worked hard for is turning to muscle.

Started using allmax rapidcuts hardcore because it was recommended to me.

tried my first pill this morning, damn I had a huge rush and sweat like crazy and had weird pains and cramps and felt weird.
took my 2nd pill after lunch and before working out.
I felt totally weird at the gym and couldn't do my usual workout I had to bailout.

Is this normal while starting a fat burner?

Any help would be cool.
RAPIDCUTS Hardcore is a strong Fat Burning Supplement with a lot of active ingredients. I've been using it for several months with a good deal of success.

Weird pains and cramps are not normal - I know a lot of people on it and I haven't heard of this before. You have to make sure you stay will hydrated, and stay away from other stimulants simultaneously (such as coffee, cola, pre-workout supplements etc.). Cramping typically happens as a result of being dehydrated, and/or being low on electrolytes.

Feeling weird can be from too much caffeine at one time. Caffeine is one of the more potent fat burners out there, and between the green tea (which also acts as a strong thermogenic), the metabromine (a cocoa bean/chocolate extract), caffeine anhydrous, there is 140 mg per pill. About 1 1/2 cups of coffee worth.

Those who are very accustomed to caffeine aren't adversely affected - I actually take additional caffeine in the form of a pre-workout supplement along with RAPIDCUTS Hardcore.

To answer your question though, it's not normal - if the symptoms persist, definitely consult a health care professional. I've listed the RAPIDCUTS Hardcore site below where you can see the ingredients.
I am quite muscular, but have a chubby face, Help?
Hey I've been working out for the last 5 years or so, not too hardcore, but enough to keep in shape. I have a fairly lean body, I am 5' 9 " and weigh 170 pounds. When you look at me without a shirt on you would consider me slender/built and I also have nice abs. My "Problem" is that my face doesn't quite match how my body looks. I have been told that when I wear hoodies people at first thought I was a little chubby, until I wore just a Tshirt and they were shocked I guess you can say, that I wasn't what they expected...Does anyone recommend anything to help with this problem? I wasn't always this way. I try my best to get 7 hours of sleep, and I wish I can say that I've been "healthy" with food...but sometimes I waver off and binge a bit. The last few days I have started to do some serious Cardio and eating lots of Fruits and Veggies. Any other ideas? thanks in advance.

I don't think there's a non surgical cure for "chipmunk cheeks" because you're talking about removing fat from a very specific region of your body (face) and that my friend can only be done with a knife.

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