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To ***-Clown, From Butt Munch?
My girlfriend and I have the nicknames ***-clown and Butt-much respectively. She even has me saved on her phone as Butt-munch. I am going to send her flowers for Valentines days, but I am not sure what I should put.
A)To: ***-Clown, From Butt-Munch
B)To: Her name, From: My name
C)To:Her name (***-clown), From: My name (Butt-munch)

which one?
I vote B
Where to have someone read your beginning...?
Is there a website I could join or a group of sorts that will let you submit, the beginning of your novel to see what people think? You know, so you don't start a long journey that nobody wants to hear. Thanks.

P.S. Preferably free or low cost and safe from plagiarist, free-loading, ***-munching, pond scum.
If you go on DeviantArt there are lots of people who are uploading stories and poetry. Lots of people will read you story and comment. You can even submit your work for critique and join groups of fellow writers . its very easy to use and clear . I use it for digital art its brilliant

good luck with your story
AFL vs NRL, Do u think it would be close?
If the AFL supporters got into a smash with NRL supporters, who would win?

BTW - NRL sux and is such a gay sport and don't understand why such a *** munching sport would be classified under the australian football category.
Based solely on numbers, since AFL supporters outnumber NRL supporters by a huge margin, there would be no contest. Given that AFL is based in Melbourne, Australia's sporting capital, and NRL is based in Sydney, Australia's posing capital it doesn't require Einstein to solve the equation. AFL hands down.
I have experienced a lot of discrimination due to my Norwegian background. What should I do?
I'm a Norwegian fisherman currently on a 2 week travelling holiday in the US. Whilst most of my holiday has been enjoyable I have experienced quite a bit verbal abuse. People shouting "Go home Scando Scum"! Scando being derogatory street slang for Scandanavian. I also got "Edvard Munch sucks"! and when I was in San Luis Obispo somebody shouted "Why don't you shove your Nobel prizes up your ***"! Why are Americans so anti-Norwegian? have to be joking! My Norwegian friend just left the U.S. after a three week visit here, and the only thing that came even close to offending her was that most of the Americans she came across had absolutely no idea where Norway even was! If the average American was able to actually come up with a reference to Edvard Munch, I'd be very impressed!!!
My brother is a piece of ****. munching off of my mom. any advice on what to do?
Ok this guy is in highschool, just turned 16. he is ******* huge! hasnt ate a vegtable in over 3 years. stays on the computer all night long, has f's in school, leaves all of his gum and keys in his pockets, so that when its washed it gets all over everyones clothes, and its ruining the dryer. sometimes he goes for days without taking showers. i literally cannot stand him, he makes my mom buy mcdonalds and pizza everynight of the week. my mom caters to him! i do NOT like him, and if he was my guy I would catch him on fire because he is the devil. I would literally beat his ***! My mom should not cater to him, but she always does. she shouldnt have to live like this. i swear this is making me cry! i cant watch her do this anymore. what can i do?
sit down with ur mum and talk to her about this whole issue. im sure ur mum is worn out too by his behaivour so show her that u r there for her even though u dont live with her. it is about time ur brother learns to pick up after himself. i would tell him to get a job and get off his ***. just be there for ur mum and dont let ur brother bully u. good luck.
If u r very fat but still u want to be confident and good peronality, can u be?
I have been fighting hard since long time with my obesity and overweight. But I feel like stuck in this mess and I have always felt that when I become thinner, I will look better. But it has started affecting my personality now becaue even though I am very smart, intelligent, hardworking, have brought excellent results to my work, good communicatio skills, and much more. I even look beautiful when I get dressed nicely. But somehow, my big *** makes me feel very conscious and let down. And thats the reason I am not able to even apply for better jobs and I feel extremely inferiority complex.

Please give me some tips how do I feel better to live a better life?

I do survive on salads and walks for few days to make me feel better but one negetive emotion...and all is washed away!! It sucks...but it seems I cannot get over my emotions and end up munching almost anything I have to make myself feel better....and I lose my self discipline and control....Pleas help me!!
It's ok, we all have hang-ups about our looks and stuff ...

Have you thought about seeking help through a psychologist? They can help through something called "cognitive behavior therapy" - it helps you take control of how you view your life and what happens in it ... it can help with self-confidence and self/emotional-control so when you are stressed so you won't binge-eat when you are upset ...

it has helped a lot of friends of mine - you may not lose tons of weight, but you will feel better about yourself and change this habit which you are unhappy about ...
Origination of this term?
From where does the term *** munch originate?
On-line dictionaries seem to agree that it has been an English word for about 500 years, and developed from an earlier, similar word meaning "to eat". Most point out the these words sound somewhat like the sound of someone eating, and that may be their original origin.
Is this a good cheer to show my teacher?
2468 who do we appreciate not the king not the queen but our favorite *** munch team mellons up mellons down we got the best team in town were the best we beat the rest
1357 we dont need a felt tip pen or a jock or a beer but our ball for the base ball game the crowd goes up the crowd goes down we need a ***** for the baseball crown no matter what we'll crack those nuts!

how do you like it! plz rate from 1-10 how you like it
also rate from 1-10 if it is good for a tallent show
also give me your ideas of a a good cheer and it should be dirty thank you ssosooooooo much
ily mmmmmm! dont forget to join the *** munch team thxnk you for your support
In the words of Simon Cowell: " That was absolutely AWEFUL!"
In my words: "No..."
Question for cops: Why are some cops so rude?
Last Friday I got pulled over in a school zone. I was going 46 ins a 35 mile lane in Tempe, AZ. The cop said to me "Was there any reason you where going 46! in a 35 mile lane!

Me:I wasn't aware officer, I was just going with the flow of traffic. I was simply fallowing the guy behind me.

Cop: Now your making excuses. Do you like to get yourself in trouble?

Me: No officer... I take full responsibility for my actions.

Cop: Why is your seat bealt off?

Me: I took it off to reach for my wallet to give you my licence.

Cop: your making excuses again.

Me: I wouldn't lie to you sir.

Cop was a huge *** man.... I don't know what I did to diverse that? Why is it just because cops are cops they can be a huge *** munch? That guy was a major dick man... MAJOR! You should of heard the tone he used with me like i was some stupid teenager. Yeah I'm 19... I accept my speeding it was wrong... But seriously?

Why are cops like this? The last time I got pulled over the cop was really nice to me.
Have you ever just had a hard day from work or girlfriends or wives or family member or your dog pooping in the house or the ice cream man not stopping for you? well sometimes life can bring days with annoying things and cop are human so maybe he was having a hard day and it was annoying for him to see you speeding in a school zone when you could have hit and killed a guy.... and all they do all day is hear lies and excuses from people so even if you were telling the truth he saw you speeding and got upset not to hard to understand....
I like to make a tattoo in memory of my friend searching for inspiration?
Hay, this is not an ordinary question where I ask you to send me a link of a tattoo.
This is a little more deep...

I lost my best friend 6 months ago, he didn't left much behind sense he was only 24, no with time his memory will vanish.
I like to change that, sense then I have been thinking of making a tattoo in his memory.

So I would ask for any ideas for the tattoo, sense I`m not really artistic and never thought of getting a tattoo before this actually happened, so any inspiration or an image, idea...would be deeply appreciated.

Things that connected us:
*jokes, traveling, chess, the letter Z...

I really miss that ***-munch...I feel that if I do this I`ll have him right next to me all my life...

Thanks for your time that you spend on writing any thing on this subject!
I don't know what to advise you. My best friend died at 21 with a brain tumor, so I do have an idea of how you are feeling, but it's such a personal thing between you and him, I wouldn't know where to start, but if you keep thinking about it, you will come up with something.

Maybe wait a while, so the grief isn't so fresh, before you get a tattooed tribute.

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