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Why dose it always seem like Asian Girls are in Pain during Sex?
In ALL the videos I watch of NON-USA Asian girls having Sex why dose it always seem like they are crying? Dose it hurt you them/you?
No it just looks that way. They are loving it. Look at a white woman having sex they are not all smiles either.
Ancient asian sex secrets???
Does anyone know where i can watch the ancient asian sex secrets video on the internet for free?( the one with kobe tai)
this link has what you are looking for
What do you think of leaked sex videos/pictures?
What can I say, I'm getting more and more annoyed by the same news every single day. Have you ever wondered HOW these celebrities "accidentally" leaked their sex videos or pictures? I mean, wouldn't it be on their personal computer or personal phone? Yes, that personal is written on purpose. So another Asian porn star had her sex photos leaked out. I mean, I don't know why she cares considering the fact her career practically is all about sex. But honestly, what your takes on this situation? Is it just a cry of attention?

Yes, sorry for being annoyed.
I think that if they don't intend on anyone seeing them, they just shouldn't make them.
2/50 Guys Think Of Asian Girls For More Than Sex?
My project co-op (who is asian) and I interviewed 50 guys who would like to, have, or are dating asian girls. 90% of these guys seem to be interested in asian girls for their looks, and think of asian girls as advanced sex toys. 5% could actually survive in an asian country if they were asked to move back with their girl. 3% only knew what they know of asian women through porno videos. 2% Want to date asian women just to fit in with the crowd. In all 50 people, only about 2 actually knew anything / showed genuine interest in asian culture. It looks like the majority of these relatonships are product of fetishes. I don't know about anyone else, but I am a bit disgusted. If you're a white guy, and you fit in any of the 4 categories, post and we'll update our results.
Did you actually think most white guys would be interested in Asian culture. All they wanna do is bang. To me, this project is pointless.
Is there any rap songs bout white/asian girls?
Is there any rap songs bout white/asian girls?
About black men having sex with gangbanging running a train on, turning out white/asians girls?
I listen to rap but i don't pay attention to the names.
I want links to videos and not just have white/asians in the videos.
meaning every girl so in the video you shall see any girl
now specifically no rapper wants to say he only dates asians or only dates whites lol the dont care thats why its hard to find a song like that
"look at all the asian women in porn videos these days" - they say?
Note: (Please, if you are an asian women pretending to be a white man who hates white women, just stay away because we will all now (by what you say and how you type it) that you are the same imposter who goes around pretending to be a white man in all the other peoples blogs. If you really want to be a white man, then put your money where your mouth is and just have the real sex-change surgery so you dont have to pretend anymore)

Forums, after forums, after forums, why do asian girls/women keep bragging about, "look at all the asian women in porn videos these days". Somehow, asian women convince themselves that it is a good thing when their unflattering private-parts are prostituted and paraded all around the media for free. They sound so under-educated. A lost case not even worth explaining to that this is not what their mothers suffered to come to American for. I dont understand their level of thinking, this culture of theirs that teaches them that prostituting their bodies is something to feel happy and excited about. Do they not, by now, understand the sexual psychological behavior of men in general to turn and look at what ever naked person placed in front of them?
Well I'm not a Asian female or a white male but as a woman I don't see how any woman would validate an image in porn as a symbol. A lot of porn use racial stereotypes of all people because a lot of that stuff is taboo and that turns a lot of people on White men are the number 1 consumers in all genres of porn including genres that are a bit perverse. All men watch that stuff not just white men
Any suggestions for good boyxboy Asian dramas or movies?
I recently watched the short Korean film "Boy Meets Boy." I was wondering if anybody knew of any other good boyxboy Asian dramas or movies? I'm young, so please suggest videos that are PG-13 rated or lower - as in, no sex or explicit nudity. Kissing is fine (and wanted!). Also, I'd prefer to watch one with cute boys, if possible! Thanks!
These can be found on those asian sites that anyone can look at so they're bound to be pg-13.

Princess princess D - drama (even if the name makes you think of girls, its about 4 guys in an all boys boarding school who have to dress as girls as girls arent allowed in the school)
RH plus - drama
Antique - drama (the korean movie Antique bakery is based on it)
Like Grains of Sand - movie
Moon guy - movie

Antique bakery - movie
The king and the clown - movie
No regret - drama
Bungee Jumping of Their Own - movie
A frozen flower - movie (this is on youtube but I think there are some scenes)

Eternal summer - movie
How can i be on ''girls gone wild'' video? i feel there are too few asian girls out there?
i enjoy seeing me naked, i often see my own sex videos with my bf and i'm turned on by myself.
how can i be in one? and where should i go?
The company is based out of California and they go to and film from events all across the USA. If I were you, I'd probably start by going to the contact page on their website.
Asian guys who like White girls. If you're marrying to a Caucasian woman and she watches "Sex and the City"...?
every night. What are you going to do ?

A) Watch it with her and get bored the hell out of your numbling skull.

B) Go to the garage and play a real cool action video game by yourself.

C) Call up your buddies and go drink with them.

D) Complaint ceaselessly with her until she gives up her boring TV show.
Sex and the City is NOT boring!
This particular sex video?
sex video of a girl in a brown dress with a security guard in ancient suit locked in a pillory. It starts with the scene, a horse passes by then security guard comes in, open sky, the set of the video looks like an ancient place. the girl is more or less looks like Asian. Anyone saw it?
I want pictures of the horse

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