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When do Asian females go from super tight, dream-crashing hotties to old, stout women?
I don't see the transformation point, but it is always one or the other. Anyone else notice that?

In the larval stages (0-10 years old) the Asian female develops at a similar pace to a normal human guy. However, growth from 10-12 seems to accelerate until they seem to physically resemble a 14 or 15 year old. They stay at this general appearance for the next ten years, then they may fill out a little more, until they resemble an 18 year old at age 25. Before that point, they usually learn kung fu in order to ward off the advances of white pedophiles, but even if they don't, they can have 5+ babies without visible physical change, until their 35th birthdays when the aging process takes a sudden leap forward, putting them through menopause overnight. At this point, they forget all their English and murder their white husbands with a pair of chopsticks.
Which of this asian hotties is sexier?
1. Russell wong
2. paolo montalban
russell is the hottest
Asian hotties? Or just average?…

They're hostesses in the game Yakuza 4 by SEGA.
Hot or not?
The One on the right is however the one on the left isnt
What job will allow me to be surronded by beautiful hot Asian men?
Ok well manga ruined my life after reading so many manga about beautiful hotties I set my goal to wanting to work around hot asian men what job would allow me this heavenly dream to com true?
well you can always go work as a stewardess for any airline that travels to china/japan
Why do Asian women like to tease men with their pretty legs & feet so much?
About me:
I'm a nice looking Caribbean man that adores beautiful ladies of all races,Specially Asian beauties.
I was at one of the Santa Ana car dealers when a hot Asian chic walked into the waiting room and sat across from me.She was wearing a T shirt,a pair of shorts and flip flops.She quickly got comfortable in her seat & started to read a magazine.There was nobody else around,therefore I started to check out her beautiful legs and feet.As Soon as she caught me starring at her perpection,she started wiggling her toes in &out of her flip flops.I was kind of embarrassed and tried to look away,but she dropped one of her flip flops on the floor to regain my soon as I looked back at her cute face ,she picked up the flip flop with her talented toes and started with the torture again.This time she pointed her wiggling toes at me,teasing me ,glancing and smilling at me ,and pretending she was still reading the magazine.She knew she was giving me a 60 minute hard one.She did a masterful job teasing me,she kept looking at my reaction while she continued to adjust those gorgeous legs and feet in her seat.She then changed position,placing her bare feet on the magazine table and her flip flops on the carpet.She got me hot and horney,so I asked her for her phone #,but she told me I couldn't have her # because she had a boy friend.Well,I moved on! Guess who I saw 3 months later at the same spot? Miss Hottie Asian! There was no teasing this time.Not only we were not alone,she told me she broke up with her boyfriend.I gave her my business and she thought our second meeting was a destiny.we both have a regular job,but she's also an inspiring singer and I'm a musician that provides tracks for singers and rappers.We went out to lunch,then back to my place.We had fun working on some songs and we also get intimate from time to time,but we both prefer not to take it seriously.At least not for now.However,she still tease me about our first meeting.She still refuses to tell if legs and feet teasing is a common thing among Asian Hotties.
Does anyone know the answer to this question?
She's not the only one that considers her legs and feet as powerful sexual innuendos. I love teasing guys with my feet. Its definitely my favorite pastime! The reaction on their face and trousers is the best part!

If i get an asian,will i be popular on youtube?
Okay, I've been watching the asian hotties on youtube lately like kevjumba,nigahiga, and ninjadrops, and nigahiga, and nigahiga. I plan on putting videos on youtube. I was wondering if getting a hot asian boy or a hot guy in general as a partner will get us popularity on youtube. Also, do you have any video ideas? I'm doing comedy and have alot of good ideas already,but i highly doubt that i'm gonna be popular, because i'm black. The top most subscribed people on youtube are either white or asian. (smosh,happyslip,fred,nigahiga) Do you think i even have a chance. I'm 13. Do people like to listen to what younger people have to say?
I think you should do something original like an online collaboration. Like two people would do their show through Ichat then upload it to Youtube after. I'm 13 too so maybe you want to do the show together? please reply, thanks ( :
Does anybody else find asian girls extremely sexy?
my first love is asian. ever since she took my heart for the first time, ive been an asian magnet. lol

i dont know what it is about them..their striking dark features, their petite frames, their beautiful dark hair, their flawless tanned skintone, nice pouty lips......they are usually very intelligent and sassy. and sexy as hell. i usually find myself dating fillipino or vietnamese girls. i cant figure out why im so drawn to

i wish there were some more asian hotties who like girls down here in okc or in the southwest ;D lol
awww thanks ahah im vietnamese :)
beauty is in the eye of the beholder :D
i find 'white girls' sexy as hell ! and somewhat im always drawn to them also ! haha
i know what you mean :)
POLL!! who's hotter? american or asian men?
Who do you think is hotter?
american hotties?
or asian yummies?

if your american and have no idea of how asian yummies look. coz when u remember asian. you think of typical chineese or commoner who looks ike a peasant haha:) check this pics out.

and if your an asian and dont know what american hotties look likes. and think of americans that they all look the same check this pics.

but for me i think asian looks hotter. for me haha k :)
american women.
What do you think about Asian/white relationships among gay men?
It bothers me sometimes to think that a man might be attracted to me only because of my race. It seems somehow not genuine. It also bothers me that I do find myself less assertive around white guys, especially if I am interested in them. I just don't want to be in that role of the submissive Asian. But I also feel like this is a cultural thing, so am I really, deep down, ashamed of my culture?

I don't mean to be so uptight about this, but since I am very attracted to white guys I am very conflicted. Of course there are hotties of all races. But do you think an Asian/Caucasian (or other race) relationship can work with the individuals actually caring for each other as people? In the same way as a same-race relationship?

This is a free response question. Feel free to go off on your own tangent.
As an older gay white guy, we get accused of this a lot, and I guess rightly so when it happens. For me, I am attracted to younger ethnic men, and I won't lie and pretend that there is not the "eye candy" appeal that comes with them. With that said, anyone who is human enough and realistic enough knows the difference between fantasy and what is real. You are very much your own man, with your own opinions, goals, and aspirations. If you should meet someone who initially likes you for just your race or age, that is all right in the beginning, use it to your advantage. As time goes on, and they get to know you better, the fantasy wears off and the real you prevails. If it doesn't, the relationship will end abruptly, and it was never real to begin with. If that's the case, you're better off. Go for the fantasy at 1st, for fun if anything, but stay true to yourself and that is what will show.
Do Asian chicks go for white guys?
I'm taking Korean at my university and there are TONS of hot asian chicks in the class. I'm talking batallions of hotties. And I've been told that I'm quite attractive...but only by white girls. I have absolutely no confidence infront of these girls because I feel like I could never fit in with them. Do they even consider white guys worth dating? Or even friends??

But sersiously.. my sister, who is korean, all the guys she's dated have been white.

It seems like white guys can easily get asian girls... lucky bastards :/

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