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What does the open palm over the fist represent in asian culture?
I have watched many Asian movies and noticed this is a common sign of courtesy, can anyone fill me in on some more information?
I think the open palm symbolizes good, and the fist represents evil.
Babies names can some give a fist and middle name for a Asian baby girl?
see the baby girl is Koren, Vitamin, Philippines
Hot Asian girls + Fist pumping club music?
Does it get any better?…
Haha legos are awesome! I love the fact that they're not super skinny I wish white girls could get away with that.
Whom would win in a fist fight ? Asian kung-fu generation or ...?
Boa, Day after tommorow, Do as infinity, Dir en grey, Every little thing, Gackt, The pillows, Greenday, High and mighty color, weezer, Number girl, Morning musume, Three days grace, yellow generation
Three Days Grace, no battle. Those dudes are hard core. I just saw them in concert last month, by the way. ROCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Who would win in a fist fight Manny paqcuio or Mayweather?
No boxing just fist fight and no asian kicking stuff, Manny, aha, he eats dog!
Well, it's a dog-eat-dog world. :P In a fist-fight there are no judges so you can't win by points or decision. I think Mayweather might land some clean stuff at first, but I don't think he'd have the power to put Manny out and Pacquiao's heart would carry him to victory. Hopefully we'll get to stop hypothesizing about this soon.
What does the martial arts hand over fist salute mean exactly?
Just curious, I saw an Asian celebrity do this, but I don't think he even practices martial arts.
*********************** Attention !!!

I believe that this is important, and that it is not taught, so here is the background of this and its tradition. It carries over into the proper way to wear a Gi top and tie the Obi....

There are several variations of this. One places the left hand (held in a knife hand position) against the fist of the right hand. Another version has the left hand placed palm against the right fist so that the fingers of the left hand lay against the back to the right hand.

NOTE: in every variation of this the right hand is the fist and the left hand is open. There is a good reason for this. Most people are right handed. In ancient China it was common for Chinese masters to do Iron Palm or other conditioning methods to the left hand. They did this because they were less likely to use it to harm someone than their right hand. They would have to decide to hit with the more trained hand. Because the right hand is more likely to be used the right hand is the one that is held in a fist, while the left is always open. The right hand symbolizes our trained ability to fight. The open left hand symbolizes our preference for peace. Placing the left open hand over the right symbolizes that although we are trained to fight, we restrain that fighting nature and prefer peace.

NOTE: we were all taught that when wearing a traditional Gi the left flap is to be placed on top of the right flap. This is also symbolizes our trained ability being restrained. In tying our Obi, we also should know that the knot is tied as a square knot with the knothole pointing toward our left.

In rare cases it is proper to tie the knot so that the knothole faces the right. Master instructors may do so in some styles. Also if the Head of a style (Soke) passes away and is buried in his Gi, it is proper to tie the obi so that the knothole points to the right, and to place the right flap of the Gi top on top, instead of the left.

**** I have made a study of the way people tie their belts and wear their Gi tops. I find that most people, including very high ranks do not know these traditions. As such they do not teach their students these traditions either. ****

NOTE: Even the Isshinryu patch shows this same symbolism in that the Water Goddess (Mezu Gami) is depicted holding here right hand in a fist while here left hand is open.

What martial art would you like to learn that's asian?
I like to learn drunken fist kung fu and wing chun. I already know iron palm.
Tai Chi. My grandma knows it! ;)

What fictional character would you want to meet in real life?
spiderman was a beast, darth vader was framed, goku was the fist ever asian aryan.
I'd like to meet Rurouni Kenshin or Snake from MGS. Sam Fisher?
I scared to fight this asian guy. HELP!?
Ok the story behind all this drama is that my friend who is huge african american male made fun of this asian guy who was walking to his car after school. My friend was telling the asian guy that he has a small dick and he is hated among our school.
The asian guy was like "small dick huh? come here ill show you how big of a dick you really are."
so my friend goes up to him and pushes him around like a little shrimp (like for real cause the asian guy was about 5'7 and my friend was about 6'3).
The two got into a fist fight and the asian guy was going crazy (i guess he knew martial arts) anyways he took my friend out and choked him out and punched him in the face a few times.
After my friend fainted. the asian guy looked up at me and told me that he'll come back for me monday after school.

i mean im strong and i play football but he knows stuff that i dont, so what should i do!!
im scared to be beaten up and humilated in front of my friends.

If you were laughing to, then you deserve it. Anyway, that guy sounds hot aha XD !
But seriously people think Asian guys are weak, that hell? I'm not saying they know "martial arts" as you say, but some people just know how to protect themselves in any way regardless of racial background. So, all I suggest is you clarify that you were not laughing with your friend (if you weren't) However, if you laughed, well Asian guy FTW. That's the harsh truth.
Do you think my crush would beat up girls? (he is Asian)?
i saw his facebook status and he said

"S*utty Asian btch got in my way at the union food court. I wanted to beat her with my fist."

do you think he would beat up girls?
you can never tell with guys he defianatly has a temper i would stay away he wants to punch a chick because he was delayed onions. but if you wanna give him a chance just carry pepper spray just in case.

please answer my question…

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